What You Need To Know About Vegetation Protection

When preparing your home for a summer storm, you should evaluate your property, one of the many tasks you must do is deal with the variety of vegetation and trees surrounding your home. This includes pruning and removal that is too close to houses that can fly in storm conditions. But before starting work, you should familiarize yourself with the laws of Australia, which protect many endangered plants. If you need to remove a tree to protect your home and family, you must obtain permission from the government for this.

Among the many preparations necessary for a safe summer storm season is the control of the surrounding plants in search of potential hazards. Australia has very strict legal regulations that prevent the removal of a wide range of trees and vegetation removal. If it must be removed, a government permit is required. It is necessary to know these regulations before the owner proceeds to prune or remove the trees and proceed with the plant on their property. This helps them maintain their requirements while protecting their home from storms.

What does regulation include?

Trees and vegetation protected by Australian law can only be pruned or removed to handle the tree or if there is a risk to a person or property. If it is necessary to remove it, it must be some distance from the house. The tree must be less than 3 meters if it is less than 4,000 square meters or within 3 meters if it is more than 4,000 meters. If you need to remove dead trees from your property, permission is required. The diameter of the tree should be less than 20 centimetres; indigenous animals should not be used for protection purposes.

For the vegetation removal or pruning, permission is required, and in a year you cannot remove more than 20% of the leaves. The form should not be uneven. If vegetation is trapped on a neighbour’s property, both must sign a work permit. It can also be removed if there is a risk that the trunk will split or lean over the tree. This should be known when preparing for a storm.

Storm ready

You need to familiarize yourself with these regulations, as there is the possibility of cyclones during the summer storm season. When a strong storm enters, strong winds can push trees, especially dead or slanted trees, over the house. Loose branches of vegetation can also be thrown home and cause damage and pose a danger to the family. Sometimes this cannot be avoided and the roof can be damaged. In this case, you should hire a specialist, such as a Metal Technology Roofing team, who has experience in handling roof repairs. They can return the roof to a new one and often offer additional services, such as asbestos removal.

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